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Psychiatrist breaks down how to monitor your child's mental health

If your child is acting out, there are ways to get them help.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Uvalde shooter was troubled as a kid, according to a report by the Texas House of Representatives.

KVUE spoke with a child and adolescent psychiatrist about warning signs that something might be wrong with your child and what you can do about it. 

Lonely, depressed and bullied are all words the investigative committee on Robb Elementary used to describe the Uvalde shooter. While it’s hard to say that he became a school shooter because of those things, Regional Director for Texas Mindpath Health Dr. Zishan Khan said it is possible to spot some warning signs that a child may be in need of help. 

“First off, are there any significant changes in their demeanor or in their behavior? Are they taking part in their usual activities?” said Dr. Khan. 

Some other unusual behaviors should be noted.

“You will oftentimes see kids acting out, refusing to listen to authority figures, setting fires ... harming animals,” he said.

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This is why Dr. Khan said parents should be active in their children’s lives. 

“Staying involved would be really important to ensure that your child feels heard and respected, and that they know that there’s someone there for them,” he said.

When they do act out, he said this is the worst thing you could do. 

“The worst that they could do is simply punish them or show they’re ashamed of them,” Dr. Khan said.

Dr. Khan said if your child is acting out, there are ways to get them help. 

“Whether that’s through therapy, outpatient psychiatry,” he said.

If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health, you can call 988 to speak with someone. 

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