Today's Exercise Minute with Crossfit trainer Rich Griffin is all about working out your abs. We will be doing a "Tabata" circuit which means 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest. All you will need for this circuit is yourself and a mat to lay on if you prefer.


The first exercise in this circuit is the bicycle. Start this exercise by lying flat on your back with both legs lifted off the ground at a 90-degree angle. Next, place your hands behind your back with your elbows pointed out. Then, you will use one elbow at a time to reach for the opposite knee. Make sure you are kicking your legs out straight without them touching the floor. Alternate between elbows and legs for 20 seconds, and then rest for ten seconds before doing the next exercise.


Hollow Holds

The next exercise is called hollow holds. For this exercise start by laying on your back with your shoulder blades up and your feet roughly six inches off the floor. Next, bring your knees to your chest and hold them in place while also lifting your head off the ground with your arms straight out. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then rest for ten seconds. Alternate between these two exercises for a total of eight intervals.


Have a great workout!