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Starting May 1, Texas restaurants can use 25% of their dining areas

"More people will be affected by this virus economically than the virus itself," the president of Wise Guys Eatery said.

AUSTIN, Texas — Starting May 1, under Gov. Greg Abbott's new executive order, Texas restaurants will be allowed to transition from using curbside and delivery only to utilizing 25% of their dining areas. 

But strict restrictions apply, including:

  • Restaurants must use a new disposable menu for each party.
  • There can be no tables of more than six people.  
  • Restaurants must provide a sanitizing station near the entrance.


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The president of Wise Guys Eatery in Round Rock said he thinks the governor made the right decision to partially reopen dining areas.  

"I think what he is doing is a good thing. I think more people will be affected by this virus economically than the virus itself," Bill Nyshay said. "You have people losing businesses, you have people losing homes. You have people losing their jobs. They can't eat."

Nyshay said even though only 25% of the dining areas can be used, it will still bring restaurants some revenue.  

Gov. Abbott said it isn't mandatory for restaurants to reopen their dining areas. He also said if Texas doesn't see an increase in COVID-19 cases, he will allow restaurants to use 50% of their dining areas come May 18.  

WATCH: Restrictions apply to Texas businesses allowed to re-open on May 1


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