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Is it safe to send kids back to school?

One thing is clear: as parents make some tough decisions, we all need more information.

HOUSTON — Incomplete information is making it harder for parents to decide what to do about the upcoming school year.

As politicians and unions battle over reopening schools most parents have one simple question: is it safe to send my kids to class? Unfortunately, the answer right now is only maybe.

Let’s Connect the Dots.

How vulnerable are children when it comes to coronavirus?

We don’t think they are in the same danger as adults. There have been a few studies looking at kids overseas that appear to show kids are less likely to contract COVID-19, and when they do they usually have milder symptoms. There have been a few hundred cases of children suffering a severe inflammatory response after diagnosis but most were treated successfully. 

Can students spread the virus?

Right now we don’t have a good answer to that one. There has been some research but not a lot, and the results have been mixed. A small study in china showed children had brought coronavirus home and infected family members, while another in France showed they did not. But that study in France looked at literally one infected child.

Returning does carry risk

If daycares and child care centers are any indication returning does carry some risk. In Texas child care facilities report over 1,600 cases - about a third of those are children and the rest were staff. But the state is releasing few details about those cases. For instance, how many of those cases originated in the child care centers? One thing is clear: as parents make some tough decisions, we all need more information.

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