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If jobs are available, now what? Tips on how to get and land a job

The state-recommended job website shows more than 500,000 jobs available. It doesn't cover all unemployed workers, but these employers give tips on how to stand out.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Workforce Commission wants you to apply for jobs at workintexas.com

And people are following that advice -- more than 1.6 million people. The site shows are three active resumés per job opening.

Not every job fits each applicant. The most occupations by advertised job include work for nurses, computer programmers and managers.

Then, there’s location. Something in your field may not be in your area.

Texas employers looking to hire in city government, school districts and the tech industry give tips on how to stand out.

They spoke on an Austin Chamber of Commerce webinar.

You don’t need a college degree

“We have 30% of our workforce that does not have a college degree. We see that as a diversity stat that is underrated,” said Brian Ferguson, senior director of talent at WP Engine.

“There are jobs within Austin Energy as well that do not require a specific degree,” said Diane Kerlin, senior HR advisor for Austin Energy.


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The Texas Workforce Commission spoke with employers during a webinar. We listened to the call

Create more than a resumé

“Identify the things that you have been doing. There are so many people that that do a lot of work day-to-day in their community,” said Kerlin.

“Have a LinkedIn profile that's relevant and up to date and it matches your resumé,” said Ferguson. 

Keep it industry agnostic. When you put too much industry jargon in there, it doesn't trigger the right searches for recruiters,” said Natalie Miller, associate manager for talent supply chain in health and public sector at Accenture.

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Prepare for the remote interview

“Get really familiar with Zoom and Zoom tools that are available,” said Norma Castillo, director of talent acquisition at Austin ISD.

"Dress as if you were in person,” said Kerlin.

“I tell them to look professional, to pay attention to detail, to be thorough, to do your homework,” said Castillo.

“A personalized thank you goes a long way,” said Ferguson.

Embrace change

If it’s a skill you haven’t been doing a long time, what does it look like in another sector? I think it's just important to say stay true to who you are, what would that look like in another setting,” said Dr. Adrienne Aldaco, director of talent acquisition at Austin ISD.

There's different certification options out there,” said Castillo.

“For training, a lot of it can be done virtually,” said Miller.

Job recruitment sites:


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