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'I think that’s extremely exciting' | Austin woman who participated in Moderna trials reacts to vaccine news

An Austin woman said she experienced some side effects after the Moderna vaccine trials, like body aches and a low fever.

AUSTIN, Texas — Abby Strite is an Air Force veteran, a mom of two and one of the Moderna vaccine trial participants. 

Moderna announced its vaccine looked to be 94.5% effective, according to early data. The news came after Pfizer Inc. announced its vaccine appeared to be 90% effective.

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The Austin mom said she was happy to hear the news regarding the efficacy of the Moderna vaccine. 

"I was really excited and I was especially excited that I could be a part of it. It’s great for me. It’s great for my family, but it’s great for all of us in the country, maybe even the world, that we’ve got not just one, but two at this point, potentially very effective and safe vaccines," said Strite. "So I’m just grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of it."

Dr. Mary Ann Rodriguez, an internal medicine doctor with Baylor Scott & White, agreed with Strite. 

"This magnitude of such efficacy like this is really great. I’m astonished," said Rodriguez. "I will be first in line."

Rodriguez said while the news is exciting, the vaccine isn't here yet. 

"Moderna still needs to continue their trial. This vaccine is not going to get released today," Rodriguez said, hopeful people will still continue to follow local safety guidelines. 

Strite said she was surprised how quickly the data turned around about the efficacy of the vaccine, considering she signed up for the trials in August. 

"It’s just something I could do to help the community, to be a part of something bigger and selfishly get some immunity, potentially, for myself and some protection for my family," said Strite. "It felt like a no-brainer when I heard the trials were coming to Austin."

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Strite said she received the first shot in September and the second 28 days later. 

"It’s two shots, and, for me, the first one, the only side effect I really had was arm pain that lasted like five days," said Strite. "The second one I had more significant side effects where it was basically a full day of just sort of feeling sick. I had headaches. I had body aches. My arm hurt really badly again, and I had a low fever."

She said some of her friends have asked about the symptoms she experienced. She said a day where she "didn't feel great" was worth it. 

"It felt like a bad hangover without the fun night," Strite laughed.

Strite said some people in the trials will receive the vaccine and others will receive a placebo. She said she believes she received the vaccine, but Strite said she doesn't know for sure.


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