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'Every day is a blessing' | More Austinites talk about what good news they have to share

Every week, KVUE's Hank Cavagnaro heads out and asks people to share their good news.

AUSTIN, Texas — Positivity is something everyone needs a reminder to look for every once in a while.

That's why KVUE's Hank Cavagnaro went out again this week and asked people if they could share their good news.

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"Do you have anything you would like to share," Austinites were asked.

"Well I did start a new job," said Anelle Valadez. "I used to work in the restaurant business but COVID-19 kind of messed everything up for that."

"It's good to wake up every morning and go walking," said Luis Ortiz. "A nice trail every morning." 

"Yeah, so it's like I've been ... seven years ago I got sober, and then it was my dream to live in my RV," Larry Oneil said.

Oneil quit his job, sold his house and lived in an RV, selling barbeque for his new job.

"And my life keeps getting better and better. If I would have known that I would have quit drinking a long time ago," Oneil added.

"Things are turning around, so that's good," added Ortiz.

"Just brought up my confidence in the workforce and all the experience I'm putting forwards towards it," said Valadez.

"Trying to live a good life and the right life and it's all worked out for me," said Oneil.

"Do you still think there's good news out there," Cavagnaro asked.

"Definitely, definitely," said Oneil. "You've just got to look for it, maybe not even look for it, just appreciate it. It's there."

"Of course. There's always got to be good news. You've got to believe in good news. You can't have a negative attitude," said Ortiz.

"That's my good news," added Valadez.

"Every day is a blessing," added Oneil.

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