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Defenders Q&A: Can you spread the COVID-19 by singing?

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AUSTIN, Texas — Many viewers have reached out to KVUE with questions regarding coronavirus, so our KVUE Defenders decided to take a look at some of them.

Here are the answers to some of your questions.

Question: Do resident aliens with social security numbers get the stimulus payment?

Answer: The IRS says any lawful permanent resident under certain programs qualifies for the stimulus payment, assuming they have social security numbers and a substantial presence in the U.S.

However, anyone who files taxes using an individual taxpayer identification number instead of a social security number is categorically denied the stimulus payment.

Question: Walmart said I couldn't return clothing. They said to try back in 90 days or so. Nothing is posted in the store or at the register about this.

Answer: In April, Walmart changed its return policy in response to COVID-19. It will temporarily not allow store returns on certain items. However, if you need to return an item, and have a receipt, they ask that you start your return on the Walmart app or website. If you can't do that, returns will be reopened at a later date.

Question: Can you spread the coronavirus by singing?

Answer: According to the British newspaper The Guardian, a professor from Munich studied aerosol particles in several choir members and found air is propelled less than two feet out of the singer's mouth. He said if someone is practicing social distancing recommendations of six feet, the droplets wouldn't go far enough to reach another person.


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Question: Did eviction protections for renters expire?

Answer: The Texas Supreme Court ruled eviction hearings can resume starting on May 19, but some renters are still protected. Renters living in homes covered by federally backed mortgages are protected as well as renters in cities and counties that have enacted local protections.

Question: When will the DPS offices open?

Answer: Gov. Greg Abbott announced on May 21 that the Texas Department of Public Safety driver's license offices will open in Central Texas on May 29 with limited services. You will have to make an appointment online and can book an appointment up to six months in advance.

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