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Defenders Q&A: Can COVID-19 be spread from shoes?

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AUSTIN, Texas — We know there's a lot to take in about the coronavirus crisis. That's why the KVUE Defenders are taking your questions every night.

Question: Can coronavirus be spread from shoes?

Answer: It's not likely. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the risk of the virus spreading from shoes is very low but, as an extra precaution, you might consider leaving your shoes outside the door to your home.

Question: Is it OK for restaurants that close due to employees infected with COVID-19 to reopen within a week?

Answer: There isn't any required amount of time to close after an employee at any business has tested positive for coronavirus. The State orders don't address this issue directly and refer businesses to CDC guidelines which say, if possible, to wait 24 hours to disinfect the affected area – meaning a possible closure of at least 24 hours.

The main takeaway is to completely disinfect affected areas where the employee had contact. That is the same for all businesses.

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