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Defenders Q&A: Are any skin problems associated with COVID-19?

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AUSTIN, Texas — Many viewers have reached out to KVUE with questions regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and the KVUE Defenders took a look at some of them.

Here are the answers to some of your questions:

Question: Are any skin problems like rashes or hives on certain parts of the body associated with COVID-19?

Answer: It's possible. Dermatologists say many different types of rashes have been seen in patients with coronavirus, including hives, red rashes and even small blisters. This can happen with patients who are more severely ill because of blood vessel blockage in the skin. 

Doctors say rashes are not necessarily caused by the virus itself but by the body's immune response to it.

Question: Should people who have recovered from COVID-19 still be donating plasma?

Answer: Definitely. If you've recovered from COVID-19, your plasma could help others with weaker immune systems fight off the disease. We Are Blood is always looking for plasma donors. Here's how to donate.

Question: Will everyone on SNAP benefits be able to continue past July?

Answer: Gov. Greg Abbott says the State of Texas has the authority to extend benefits to those who qualify for an additional six months. The State also received approval to waive interview requirements for new and current households, so those automatic renewals will extend the benefits for about 276,000 households who are up for renewal in July or August.

If you have a question you'd like KVUE to answer, text 512-459-9442.