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Expert says it's unlikely to contract coronavirus from contactless food delivery

Austin-Travis County Infection Preventionist Bill Coll said keeping your food at a proper temperature is a bigger concern.

AUSTIN, Texas — Experts say that it is unlikely that you would contract the coronavirus from contactless food delivery despite the concern of some customers.

 A study by the National Institutes of Health showed that COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, up to three days on plastic, but Austin-Travis County Infection Preventionist Bill Coll says the likelihood of catching COVID-19 from a non-contact food delivery is actually slim. 

"One has to remember, we have been using these types of containers for quite a while," said Coll. "We have been able to utilize them during seasonal flu periods and again the health department has strict regulation on how these items can be stored in a facility." 

As people continue to use food delivery services more and more during the stay-at-home orders, Coll said people should be more concerned with their food being the appropriate temperature. 


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"Make sure food is maintained in the proper temperature range. Hot food should stay hot and cold food should stay cold," said Coll.

Coll said if you are still worried, you can simply throw the bag away and wash your hands. 

If you are worried about the container the food comes in, wash your hands, put the food on a plate, throw away the container and then wash your hands again.

Coll added the most important thing is to remember to wash your hands before you eat.

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