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Community holds nightly parade at St. David's Round Rock Medical Center

At 6:30 p.m. every day, a group of Round Rock residents takes three laps in their cars as a way to show support for the medical workers in the building.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — This is a time that we need our hospital employees more than ever, and because of that, a community in Round Rock is showing their support every night.

It's a stressful time inside St. Davids Round Rock Medical Center.

"Of course it is, of course, it's difficult," said Tami Taylor, the chief nursing officer at the medical center. "We have found such strength in our team."

A strength that is found in the community. Every night, the community gets together for a parade.

"We're good here," said Taylor. "The parade every evening just does that much more."

Jen Henderson helps organize and takes part in it.

"We go three times around the hospital, honk and wave at all the nurse's patients and doctors," said Henderson.


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She said this is their chance, as a community, to say thank you.

"That's why we do it every single night, we're here at shift change. We're here to show them we appreciate them, that we support them, that they are the real heroes in this situation," added Henderson. "We have to distance ourselves, so that's why we do it in a parade."

For those who can make it out of the hospital, and those who can't, it's a showing of support.

"Pride, that is the first thought. I am so proud of this hospital, I'm so proud of this staff, they have stepped up in a huge way," said Taylor. "And the community is recognizing them for that."

"Every night it gets a little bit bigger, and a little bit bigger, and a little bit bigger and tonight we had 70," said Henderson.

When things can be the most stressful, that's simply when we see the best out of people.

"I just think we need to let the community know just how much we appreciate them," said Taylor. "They have been appreciating us in big ways but we appreciate them as well."

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