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Tarrytown Pharmacy sees uptick in vaccination appointments ahead of Thanksgiving

"In the past 2.5 weeks, we've given over probably 2,500 vaccines to children," said Rannon Ching.

AUSTIN, Texas — Tarrytown Pharmacy has seen an increase in vaccine appointments ahead of the holidays. 

Getting a shot can be nerve-racking for a kid. Eight-year-old Simone Hertens took a deep breath and held her momma tight. 

"Alright, all done," said pharmacist Olivia. "See, I told you really quick, really quick."

Almost three weeks ago, the CDC recommended children 5 years and up get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Head pharmacist Rannon Ching said that with the CDC's update, plus the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, it means Tarrytown Pharmacy is giving hundreds of coronavirus shots to children each day. 

"In the past 2.5 weeks, we've given over probably 2,500 vaccines," said Ching.

That's not including booster shots that were just authorized Friday for all adults. 

"We usually play games with our family, and that, I think, is my favorite part," said Ava Laware. 

Laware's favorite part of Thanksgiving just wasn't safe last year. 

"It was really sad," said Laware. "We played it over, like, Zoom and stuff." 

This year, her entire family, including out-of-towners, agreed to all get boosters before the holiday. 

Unfortunately for the kids, they can't be fully vaccinated until the middle of next month, but Ching said getting the shot now still gives people at least some protection.

"The big thing that I think I'm worried about is that the cases are starting to rise," said Ching. "We still have quite a bit of folks that are unvaccinated, so really try and encourage those people that aren't vaccinated to get vaccinated." 

Back in the vaccination room, Simone exchanged her fear for a coronavirus vaccine card and a lollipop.


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