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Most parents plan to send their children to school in masks, Austin ISD survey says

When it comes to school staff making sure students are wearing a mask, results are more divided.

AUSTIN, Texas — About 80% of Austin ISD parents who responded to a recent survey from the district say they plan to send their child to school wearing a mask at the start of the 2021-22 academic year.

However, only 39% of parents say they want school staff to make sure their child wears a mask throughout the day. About 44% of respondents to that question said they want masks enforced only when indoors.

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A total of 27,608 people responded to AISD’s survey question: “Do you plan to send your child to school wearing a mask?” And 21,491 responded to the other: “Do you want school staff to make sure that your child wears a mask throughout the day?”

Only eight schools had over 30% of respondents say they were not planning on having their child wear a mask. Casis Elementary School and the Rosedale School had the highest percentage of parents who said no at 41% and 48%.

When it comes to monitoring masks, responding parents were more evenly split, based on survey results. The majority said they want school staff to be on the lookout, but some only want this when students are indoors.

Only seven schools had over 30% of respondents say they do not want school staff making sure their child is wearing a mask.

Austin ISD is not requiring masks on campus due to Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order. However, the district is strongly encouraging students, staff and visitors to wear a mask while indoors.

Masks will be required on school busses.  

The Centers for Disease Control recommends students, staff and visitors wear masks at school while inside. 


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