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Austin HS senior says she's not surprised the campus closed due to COVID-19 cases

The increase in coronavirus cases is a direct result of students attending Halloween parties, she said.

AUSTIN, Texas — Starting Monday through Wednesday, Stephen F. Austin High School will be closed due to a "gradual but steady" rise of COVID-19 cases at the campus. 

Senior Molly Bronner said she thinks the increase in coronavirus cases at her school is a direct result of students attending Halloween parties.

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"It was Halloween and just again, people are just being irresponsible and going to parties. I mean, there's always going to be people partying and even and I mean, in Austin right now, I think it's illegal to have gatherings over 10 people, but obviously, there are people that think the rules don't apply to them," she said.

According to the AISD Dashboard, as of Friday, Nov. 13, there were 13 total COVID-19 cases and 219 total exposures.

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Bronner opted for virtual learning due to health issues so the closure does not affect her. 

As the co-editor of The Comet Yearbook, Bronner said she was required to go to campus. The last time she was on campus was about a month ago.

She said the rise in COVID-19 cases has affected her holiday plans.

"So Thanksgiving was like the one time of year where it was like the whole family was going to be in one place. And to not have that happen this year really sucks, but it's better than getting COVID," Bronner said.

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