We Are Blood, the sole provider of blood to Central Texas hospitals, is asking any healthy Central Texans with an O-Negative blood type to donate after the company has experienced a critical shortage.

The shortage has occurred as a result of "terrible traumas over the weekend" in conjunction with a decline in usual donations, likely due to the ongoing cold and flu season, the company said.

According to We Are Blood, more than 40 hospitals and medical facilities in a 10-county area depend on the steady supply of blood provided by We Are Blood to help ensure that all patients served have access to blood when they need it the most.

The company is encouraging all eligible donors — even if they are uncertain of their blood type — to visit one of the three We Are Blood donation locations or the mobile drives as soon as possible.

The locations where people may donate are:


4300 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78756


2132 North Mays, Ste. 900, Round Rock, TX 78748


3100 W. Slaughter Lane, Austin, TX 78748

To be eligible to donate, donors must be in good health, be at least 17 years old, and weigh at least 115 pounds.

To sign up for the mobile drives, click here, or simply stop by.