Crossfit trainer, Richie Griffin, will put us through a great cardio workout. All you will need for this exercise is yourself and a distance tracker.

400 Meter Run

The first exercise will be a 400-meter run. You can go to your local gym to use a track, use a treadmill or just run freely. Use an app to track the distance that you run. While you are running, be sure to keep a steady pace.


The next exercise is squats. Start off standing up with your feet shoulder to hip length apart. Next, squat down below your knee crease and then come back up. Do 20 squats and then go straight into the next exercise.



The last exercise in this cardio circuit is burpees. Start off laying down with your chest on the ground. Next, bring both legs into your chest and jump straight up. Then, come back down and bring both legs back out into the original positions you started. Do 15 reps of this exercise. Once you complete this exercise, repeat this circuit for four rounds.


Have a fantastic workout!