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Austin urgent care business centers around house calls

A new Austin business is calling itself the 'Uber of Healthcare' and hopes to change the future by mimicking the past with house calls.
Remedy Urgent Care

AUSTIN -- A new Austin business is calling itself the "Uber of Healthcare" and hopes to change the future by mimicking the past with house calls.

"It's kind of like the old days of the house call," said Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch, who started with Remedy Urgent Care a month ago.

His vision: to alleviate long office visits, exposure to other germs and the expense of urgent care or emergency room facilities.

"My family and I worked in Africa, we did three, four years overseas," he said. "During that time we learned things could be handled with fewer resources."

A two-person team made up of a physician or physicians assistant arrive at a patient's home within 90 minutes, equipped with everything from gauze to crutches and splints, packed inside this doctors office on wheels.

"We see all kinds of things, coughs, colds, sprains," Gabrysch said.

They also can prescribe medication and do minor procedures including stitches, IV fluids, and injections.

The first patient of the day when KVUE's cameras tagged along was 15-month-old Weston.

"He's had a fever and a really bad cough," said Weston's mother Jennifer Frazier.

Remedy doctors saw Weston the day before, with this being a follow-up visit.

"He did the test for RSV which is a test they usually do in the doctor's office, he it right here in the living room on the couch and we go the results in a few minutes," Frazier said.

During each exam, the medical experts transcribe important details about a patient's condition. Weston's mom is grateful her toddler can get treated in the comfort of his own home.

"With the three kids, going to a doctor's office is not ever easy. And when everyone else in the waiting room is really sick that makes it even harder," she said. "It is very comparable to what we would pay at an urgent care."

Remedy is launching its mobile app Tuesday, so getting a doctor in the house is even easier.

"All of these are ways that medicine is moving with the times and trying to make access easier for people," Gabrysch said.

Remedy's initial fee is $49. After the visit, the patient is charged a $99 fee or their urgent care co-pay at the time of service.

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