A local charity took the recent spike in the ongoing flu outbreak into its own hands by offering free flu shots for families struggling financially.

For about three hours Tuesday morning, Catholic Charities of Central Texas gave shots to low-income families through Fetch MD, a home-delivery healthcare service center.

Suzanne Bautch is the associate director of advancement for Catholic Charities and said this is something important to the people it serves but not always affordable.

"They are in need of so much, and this may be one of the things on their list that falls down to the bottom," Bautch said. "It's an extremely awesome offering for us to be able to give right now."

Not only did the clients get the shots, but the employees did as well. Barbara Grohmann has been working for Catholic Charities for about a year and a half and had flu-like symptoms earlier this winter. She said her dad, who is 87, got the flu, and her family took extra care of him because of his age. She said it was an easy decision to get a flu shot Tuesday morning.

"When I went to the pharmacist to pick up my prescription for her flu-like symptoms, she recommended that I get the flu shot as soon as I finished up with medication," Grohmann said.

Overall, about 20 people served by Catholic Charities were able to get their shot Tuesday, along with some of the staff members who work there as well.