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'The only way to grow is through pain': Maria Menounos shares inspiring advice on how to overcome setbacks

Menounos underwent surgery back in 2017 to have a benign meningioma brain tumor removed.

AUSTIN, Texas — Emmy award-winning journalist Maria Menounos made her way to the Rally Health House in Austin Sunday during South by Southwest to speak about health and fitness — and she even dished on some of her upcoming projects, including a documentary about her journey overcoming a brain tumor.

Menounos underwent surgery back in 2017 to have a benign meningioma brain tumor removed. Now, she's preparing to share that journey through a documentary that she hopes will inspire women.

"I'm working on a documentary about my journey through the brain tumor experience and kind of helping women to see that we really put a lot of pressure on ourselves and how to find our way out of that," Menounos said. 

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The Rally Health ambassador even gave valuable advice on how to use a setback to your advantage.

"The only way to grow is through pain," Menounos explained. "That's when we are pushed to our limit and you have a crossroads where you can make decisions. So, when bad things are happening to you, try to step back and say 'Why could this be happening and how could it be to my benefit?' 

It's all about having the right perspective, she said.

"We all focus on the pain and the negative and we surround ourselves with people who are going to feel sorry for us when you could say 'maybe God or the universe put this in my life for a reason,'" Menounos said.

Menounos, who is the Host and Ceo of AfterBuzz TV and a two-time best-selling author, says the documentary isn't the only thing she's working on.

The host added she's also rebranding her "Conversations with Maria Menounos" podcasts and developing a new show about helping families with their health.

To watch the full interview, click here.