AUSTIN — An 11-year-old Austinite is in the running for national recognition -- she's the youngest person to be nominated for the Tejano Music Awards.

"A lot of people call me the future Selena, but I want to be my own person," says Mia Garcia, who has been following her family's footsteps in Tejano music at a very young age.

Since she was five years old, Mia was destined to become a music sensation.

"Growing up she was a really active child, just like any other child," her father, Chris Garcia, said.

Who would have guessed that at just 11-years old, Mia's talent in singing Tejano music would lead her to a national stage.

"I feel free when I sing," Mia said, while watching one of her music videos.

She is the youngest person ever to be nominated in the Best New Artist category for the Tejano Music Awards, which will be held in San Antonio in November.

"I feel like all of my hard work is paying off," she said.

She is now inspiring others, one song at a time, hoping others take note that with just a little passion and hard work, anything can be accomplished.

"Follow your dreams and listen to your parents," she said, "because they will be there to support you."

"She's a young prodigy per se," her father explained. "There's no limits because if she can do it, you can do it too."