Redefining what it means to be a successful student in 2017: that's the goal of the Challenge Success Program now being taught to parents of Westlake ISD students.

The district is one of 150 the Stanford University-based program is currently working with around the globe. It pushes parents to realize how many stressors their children faces and to make play time, down time and family time part of their children's everyday lives.

"We don't want them to push, push, push, they don't have to strive for the highest college," said Leslie Beasley, mother of four. "We really do care most that they're well balanced and that they're happy and that they're healthy."

Steve Ramsey is Principal of Westlake High School. He added " I think it's really important to define what success means inside your family. As a Principal, I meet with lots of parents and one of the biggest problems I see is when expectations of students and parents don't coincide, and the different problems that can develop from that."

The program works with parents, students and faculty.
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