ROUND ROCK, Texas — Yana Koleva, the interim food service director for Round Rock ISD, said the district has offered vegetarian options for a while now. 

However, she said interest has spiked from parents and students recently. 

"We're here to serve our community and students, so we try to incorporate as many [options] as we can into our menus," Koleva said. 

She said students can find vegetarian options in "almost every line in [the] cafeterias."

"We try to make it as fun as possible," she said, explaining they offer a lot more than just a side salad or a fruit cup. "We try to look at what the students are wanting nowadays because they're definitely exposed to a lot of different food -- and they're foodies. They want good quality and good variety."

Koleva said the district gives kids the option to customize their meals, meaning there are more vegetarian choices.