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Manor ISD comments on alleged bullying after video surfaces online

Parents are concerned about a video making rounds on social media of what appears to be a fight between Manor ISD students.

AUSTIN, Texas — A video on Facebook was posted this week that shows what appears to be a physical altercation between two Manor ISD students. 

The school district is aware of the video and wants parents to know they're taking the situation seriously. 

The school's communication director, Scott Thomas, said in a statement:

"Dear Manor ISD Families,

At Manor ISD, we are committed to having safe campuses at all of our schools in the district. It came to our attention late in the afternoon the existence of a video that appears to show a physical altercation between two students. While we cannot get into specifics due to privacy laws, we want to assure families a full investigation was conducted by MISD administration and school resource officers, appropriate action has been taken, and the situation is now resolved.

Please refrain from sharing the video on social media or via any other channels, as such actions could inadvertently encourage future such incidents.


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Furthermore, we want to stress that bullying or fighting is never tolerated in our district, and all students and parents are encouraged to report such behavior via Let’s Talk, by calling your campus, or by talking to any MISD administrator. We have many policies and practices in place aimed at keeping students safe, and our systems work best with the help and support of all MISD. Families can read additional information on the bullying definition and reporting process at our website."

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Thomas said reporting fighting or bullying helps them take action. If parents or students have a concern, or see any other fighting videos, they are asked to come forward with information.

“What I would actually like to stress is: don’t share that on your social media page. Don’t share that on Snapchat. Share that with us because by sharing it, even if your intentions are good, it could be making that situation that much worse for the students in that video,” said Thomas. 

Manor ISD has a strict protocol and Thomas said, in a situation like bullying or fighting, they relay the message to parents to build a solid relationship. 

“What we’re not going to do is hide away and say, 'Oh, that never happens here.' It happens at every school district, but what we are going to do is address it so that students know they can come to an administrator. They can come to a teacher and be like, 'Hey, I’ve got this problem.'" said Thomas.

The school district had a live student safety discussion on their Facebook page which more information on this topic.


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