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Leander ISD says there's 'massive need' for substitute teachers for 2020-21 school year

The school district implemented new changes that substitutes can expect in the fall.

LEANDER, Texas — Leander ISD officials said there are never enough substitute teachers, but they're needed now more than ever with COVID-19 impacting teachers' lives in different ways. 

John West, the LISD senior director of support services and human resources, said they're expecting an increase in absences because of the pandemic. 

"There's absolutely going to be a need for continued training and additional non-certified substitute teachers to serve and backup our campuses and our our teachers and our students, regardless of what that environment might look like," said West. 

Some new changes listed on Leander ISD's website include:

  • Increased pay rate for all substitute teachers 
  • Postponed requirement for out of pocket training expense
  • Removed minimum assignment requirements per month

West said they want applications to start flowing so they can be as prepared as possible. 


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"In order for us to plan accordingly and to minimize any disruption on a campus under normal circumstances, I have to know that I have got a pool of substitute teachers that are ready, willing and able, and qualified folks to fill-in and support those local campuses and teachers and instruct our students," said West. 

Leander ISD substitute teacher Amber Dogan said this year is the fifth time she's signing up to substitute with LISD. She has family that goes to school with the district and said she used to be really involved when her kids attended LISD schools. 

"Kids love subs for some reason," said Dogan. "Teachers have families. Teachers have their own children and moms and dads. Teachers get sick and they need us to stand in the gap for them and just be be there and be available."

Dogan understands the concerns about going back into schools this year, but said she trusts LISD will have the best protocols in place. 

"This time, more than ever, we need to come together and just help out wherever we can," said Dogan. 

"I think the uncertainties and the questions that have presented all of us are no different for our substitute teachers," said West. 

West said individuals have to be over the age of 21 to serve all their campuses. 

Those individuals must have graduated from high school and meet LISD's screening and clearance background checks. West said applicants have to be available to work as much or as little as their personal circumstances would allow them at this time.

As a substitute teacher for LISD you may:

  • select the campuses you want to serve, 
  • choose your preferred grade levels and teachers, and 
  • fulfill assignments as little or as much as you can under the circumstances.

Leander ISD said extensive safety measures are in place at each campus, and details about its safety measures and plan for learning during the 2020–21 school year can be found on its Launch to Learning 2020–21 webpage. 

You can find Leander ISD's substitute application here

WATCH: Leander ISD says there's 'massive need' for substitute teachers for 2020-21 school year 


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