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Austin ISD votes to close 4 schools. What's next?

Hours of comments from angry parents and students didn't seem to make a difference, as the AISD school board voted Monday to close four elementary schools.

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin ISD is closing four elementary schools next year, even after a lot of angry parents spoke up at the board meeting Monday night.

Sims, Metz, Brooke and Pease elementary will be gone as of next year, and a lot of work has to happen before then. 

Kids from Sims will go to Norman Elementary, Metz students will go to Sanchez Elementary, Brooke students will combine with Govalle and Linder Elementary, and Pease will become an AISD media and archives building.


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"You can close the schools if you want to, but don't expect a bond to be passed in 2022 to finish out whatever you have to do," said one person at Monday's board meeting. 

"We're going to be really focused on those communities and supporting them through any transition," said Cristina Nguyen, AISD senior communications specialist. "So we have transition planning that we are really going to bring in."

Each campus will have a team to help with the transition. They'll work to make things easy for parents, school leaders and students. 

The plan shows they'll be the ones doing things like minimizing student disruptions and responding to the emotional needs of students.

"We really value our community voice and we want to continue working with them," said Nguyen. "We understand that these are really hard and emotional decisions."

The other eight schools on the original list in September are still under consideration for closure. The discussion surrounding those schools will happen in the Spring.

You can read the future plans for AISD in their school changes plan here.


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Austin ISD makes final vote to close 4 schools starting next school year