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Round Rock ISD students fight for teacher to keep her job, hundreds sign petition

Canyon Vista Middle School students said they would be heartbroken if their beloved English teacher left their school.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — Some Round Rock ISD Canyon Vista Middle School students are fighting to keep one of their teachers, Ms. Aiden Larson, from losing her job. 

They told KVUE that Larson's being forced to leave because she can't return to school to teach. 

"I was shocked at first, really, because I didn't know she was doing anything wrong or anything. I don't think just because she teaches at home, she should be fired," said Milo Garcia, one of Larson's students.  "Her family has health problems and she doesn't want to put them at risk. By going back, she puts them at risk. Actually, I go to in-person school. I don't see a difference in the quality of teaching there than when I was at home."

"I think she's a wonderful teacher. She's probably the best English teacher I've ever had," said Angelina Gellini, another one of Larson's students. 

Both Gellini and Garcia signed a petition to keep her at the school because they said they feel like the situation is unfair. 

"She makes, like every class, interesting ... she always engages with the students, and she goes above-and-beyond to make sure we understand the information and make sure we're interacting with other students in class, especially during COVID," said Gellini.

"Her environment is very fun. It's very ... all the students get to interact with each other," said Garcia.

According to Gellini and Garcia, they both feel like teachers giving their lessons virtually isn't any different than learning in a classroom. 

"The social environment is much different when you're at home than at school, but the actual quality of the teaching, there is no difference in that," said Garcia.

Both students just hope the petition helps Ms. Larson and she can be given a choice. 

"I think just like we are given the choice to go back or not ... teachers deserve that choice as well," said Garcia.


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