The McKinney Independent School District has placed a teacher on administrative leave after a video posted to social media shows him recording a fight that broke out between two students.

Cody Cunningham with McKinney ISD confirmed to WFAA that the fight shown in the video, shared on Snapchat and then on Twitter, took place at McKinney High School on Wednesday. By Friday the tweet had been shared over 800 times and liked more than 2,000.

The post shows two students fighting at the front of a classroom, while their teacher stands at the back with a cell phone -- recording instead of taking action to stop the fight.

"McKinney ISD cannot discuss personnel matters in detail, but has taken swift and appropriate action in accordance with district policies," Cunningham said.

He added that the teacher, who hasn't been identified, was placed on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.

"It is the district’s policy for teachers to make every attempt to stop, or at a minimum deescalate, any altercation between students," Cunningham said.

"The teacher’s actions, or lack thereof, are clear violations of district expectations and policies. The district has also taken appropriate disciplinary action as it relates to the students. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in McKinney ISD."