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'Everything is for the student' | Meet the woman who makes science hands-on at Leander ISD

For World Teachers' Day, KVUE checked out how Leander ISD's science curriculum comes to life.

LEANDER, Texas — Oct. 5 is World Teachers' Day and to celebrate, KVUE is highlighting educators in the community who go above and beyond for their students. In fact, there are plenty of educators behind the scenes helping teachers get what they need too.

"Everything is for the student, but really and truthfully, I also feel I do support the teachers a lot because without supplying them with the curriculum and all of the hands-on materials, teachers would have to go and buy the materials themselves and develop a science program," said Brenda Howard, Leander ISD's senior specialist of science of the Source Material Center. 

Howard is the one who buys science materials and gets them prepped and ready for all the LISD elementary science teachers. Everything from craft sticks to microscopes and even live animals, all for kids pre-K through fifth grade.

Howard said she feels like she's making a difference for students.

"It's really all about the students getting hands-on science materials. You do learn better when you have material you use with your hands. So, that's the ultimate goal," Howard said. "That would be every science teacher, for every elementary grade, for every elementary school across the district. So, I kind of feel like I'm supporting the students, of course, but also I feel like we're a big support of the teachers."

Jennifer Meyer, LISD's senior coordinator of elementary science, said the science curriculum wouldn't thrive the way it does without Howard keeping things in order. 

"It all comes back to the students and it all comes back to the children. Just seeing them grow and change and what they learn. How they can take that knowledge and move it in new directions and just their thoughts, their creativity, their questions that they have. Their passion for learning makes me more passionate when I see students passionate about learning," Meyer said. "Very often I meet with our curriculum specialists. They're the ones that work with teachers and campuses to create our science curriculum. And then we talk about it. We're making changes or piloting different things. We're also looking at what assessments are coming out right now."

Howard and Meyer said they love their jobs because no day is the same and they work with a great team. 

Do you know a teacher you would like to recognize for World Teachers' Day? Share a photo or video on social media with #WorldTeachersDay and #TeachersCan. Teachers are also encouraged to upload and share a video to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about why you teach, what you wish others knew about teaching and how teachers can make a big difference for students, using the hashtag #TeachersCan.

You can also show your support for teachers by tying a light blue ribbon around a tree, front porch or something in front of your house.

This story is sponsored by TeachersCan.org.

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