FLORENCE, Texas — Tucked behind Florence High School in northern Williamson County you'll find an interesting classroom. 

It's actually more of a shop – a butcher's shop. These students are learning how to cut and serve top quality meats right in their school.

Not only are they learning about the different cuts of beef, pork and lamb, they are also learning how to run a business.

Here's a look at the students in action. 

PHOTOS: Butcher program at Florence High School

The students butcher the meat and they sell it right out of their building at the Florence High School Meat Market. The department has a real working butcher's shop where all the meat you buy is prepared by the students.

Florence is the smallest school in the state with this kind of program.

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The butcher students say it's a great way to learn not only about cutting meat, but also how to market and sell a product to the public.

For more information about the school's butcher program and meat market, click here.