AUSTIN, Texas β€” What do you cut to save $60 million? 

That's the tough decision Austin ISD leaders are facing and, on Tuesday evening, they listened to suggestions from parents and teachers.

This meeting was just one of several the district will hold for input, and one of the options on the table includes closing schools and cutting staff.

The district has been losing money because it's been losing kids for the last six years. This year it took $29 million out of savings and, if nothing changes, next year AISD will have to take out $65 million.

Within all these facts and figures, teachers hope to keep the process personal.

β€œAt some point, everyone who is responsible for one of those decisions," said one attendee. "Stop and ask, 'What is this going to look like for the human being who does it?'”

Decisions about which, if any, schools will close could be made by the summer. Whatever changes are made will take place next school year.

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