AUSTIN, Texas — Friday night, the Human Resources Director for the City of Austin was the focus of complaints at City Hall. She was accused of using city employees to run personal errands for her.  Austin's city auditor released a report finding the violations.

The allegations against Hayes have now been dismissed. The Austin Ethics Commission voted to dismiss the complaints Wednesday night. 

The commission found Hayes's employees voluntarily helped her take care of her child and that the times they watched the child were during late-night city council meetings, not regular "business hours" and not on a regular basis.

According to the original auditor's report, Hayes solicited and accepted favors from her assistant and misused other city personnel.

The city auditors office reported it had received multiple allegations she had abused her authority by asking city employees to take her child to daycare and to watch the child while Hayes was at work.

The auditor also determined the allegations were true and the favors she asked for had occurred on multiple occasions.

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The documents said part of the concern is Hayes is in a position to oversee the city of Austin's human resource policies.

Hayes released a statement in response to the report. Read it here.

1 provide personal support or personal favors to me. I have never had my son in the workplace for multiple hours, and I have never provided or requested toys be brought in the work environment for my child.