Police have arrested a woman after she allegedly drove drunk and crashed into a restaurant near West Campus.

According to an arrest affidavit for Esther Shim, police were patrolling the area of Rio Grande Street when they heard a loud crash on Nov. 6 at 2:22 a.m. When they responded they found a vehicle that had crashed through the front window of the business.

The driver, who police identified as Shim, was taken out of the vehicle and was "verbally aggressive and stated she was fine," the affidavit said. Police noted her eyes were watery and bloodshot and that she smelled like alcohol.

When police put her in handcuffs, she "began to aggressively tense her arms." The officer asked her if she was going to fight police, to which the affidavit stated she replied, "YEAH!!"

Shim then allegedly stated, "I'm a UT student, you can't arrest me."

Police said they had to carry her to the patrol car after she was eventually handcuffed. After placing her in the vehicle, police said she began to kick the door and attempted to exit the vehicle.