HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Investigators say 62-year-old Saron James was struck and killed by a stray bullet while she was riding with her husband earlier this month.

Deputies are still searching for Tekoney Blackledge, who has been charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting. A source tells KHOU News that he's also been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Court documents also revealed that Blackedge was treated for a gunshot wound two days after the fatal shooting of James. 

According to previous arrest records, Blackledge lives near the area where the shooting occurred.

On July 16, James and her husband were on Old Greenhouse Road coming from the doctor’s office when they thought they heard fireworks. James' husband was behind the wheel and he said when he looked over at his wife, she has a gunshot wound to the head.

James was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

A witness told investigators he was riding in the passenger seat of a vehicle heading east on Old Greenhouse Road on the day of the shooting and saw a white SUV in the westbound lanes. He witnessed the driver and passenger get out of the white SUV and get into a verbal exchange with the driver of a black Ford pickup truck that was parked on the south side of Old Greenhouse.

The witness told deputies he passed the intersection and saw the driver re-enter the SUV and then immediately heard gunshots. The witness also saw a rifle barrel sticking out of the driver’s side back window and a flash from another weapon out of the driver’s window.

The witness told deputies the weapons were being fired towards the man in the black Ford truck across the intersection.

He added that he and the driver of his vehicle circled through the subdivision and came back to the scene to check on the driver of the black Ford truck. However, by the time they returned to the intersection the black truck was gone.

The witness then noticed traffic was stopped on Old Greenhouse Road east of Concord Green Drive. They drove over to where traffic was stopped and realized that a vehicle traveling behind them before had been struck by the gunfire. This was the vehicle the James couple was driving in.

James' husband was not injured in the shooting.

The witness and the driver then went to where the shooting occurred and found shell casings there at the intersection. They waited at the scene for law enforcement and described the suspect in the shooting as a “young black male with short dreads.”

Deputies are still on the lookout for a white Audi SUV traveling in the opposite direction on the same street at the time of the shooting.

KHOU 11 obtained surveillance video of the white Audi believed to be involved.

Investigators say they have received multiple anonymous tips saying the person who owned the vehicle was Blackledge.

Investigators showed a previous mugshot of Blackledge as part of a photo array to the witness who saw the shooting at the intersection and he positively identified the suspect.

A Houston police officer contacted HCSO investigators and told them he had been working an extra job at Texas Children’s Hospital and was investigating a shooting victim that arrived by ambulance. He identified that victim as Blackledge and said he was treated for a gunshot would between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on July 18.

The officer says Blackledge told him that he had been shot by an unknown person while he was driving his white vehicle. HCSO said once he was treated for his wound, he left the hospital. 

KHOU 11 News has reached out to Texas Children's Hospital and is waiting to hear back from officials on this case.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Blackledge, contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers.