AUSTIN – Before a police officer shot down a stabbing suspect in the morning of Dec. 15, a witness told police that the man had been attacking the now-deceased woman for about 30 minutes, an affidavit obtained by KVUE revealed.

The Austin Police Department said they were initially called to 5007 Lynnwood Street around 6:35 a.m. Dec. 15 regarding reports of a man cursing at and physically assaulting a woman outside of an apartment. The call was upgraded when dispatch learned the female victim had been stabbed by the man and was bleeding heavily. Austin-Travis County EMS said the woman, believed to be in her 30s, died at the scene. The woman was identified by police as Andrea Faye Lindsey, 43.

When Officer Alfredo Delvalle -- the responding officer and 23-year veteran with the department -- arrived, he said he found the suspect -- identified by police as 50-year-old Aubrey Garrett -- pacing near the front door of the apartment with a knife in his hand. According to the affidavit, the officer brandished his firearm and gave loud verbal commands. The affidavit said Garrett disregarded the commands, "tossed patio furniture and continued the knife attack on the victim who was on the ground." In defense of the victim, the officer shot Garrett, police said.

Garret was taken into custody and officers performed EMS care for Garrett and Lindsey, police said.

Lindsey died at the scene and Garrett was then taken to a hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery for the gunshot wound.

Later that day, police interviewed Garrett's brother, who said that he had let the suspect and the victim stay overnight at his apartment. He said he woke up in the morning to the "commotion of his brother yelling at the victim while outside," the affidavit said. The brother went to investigate and found the victim bleeding heavily on the ground while his brother stood nearby with a "dagger style knife in his hand."

The brother then said he closed the apartment door and waited for police to arrive.

A different resident at the apartment complex said that when he looked outside to see what the commotion was about, he saw Garrett straddling over the top of the victim while stabbing the victim with both hands. The witness said he believed the attack continued for about 30 minutes before police arrived.

An autopsy report from the Travis County Medical Examiner's Office determined Lindsey death was caused by sharp, forced injuries. Her death was ruled a homicide and is being investigated by the Austin Police Department's Homicide Unit.

Garrett is currently in the Travis County Jail with a bail set at $1 million.