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Williamson County detective reportedly fired over racial Facebook post

Reports state she was terminated after another employee complained about the post, which used the 'N' word in a derogatory way.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas — A Williamson County Sheriff's Office detective has been fired after she reportedly used the "N" word in a derogatory way on Facebook, according to a report by our news partners at the Austin American-Statesman.

The report states that an employee complained about the post by Detective Heather Vargas, which was against county policy. She was reportedly fired on Sept. 11. 

According to her lawyer, the post was actually made by her ex-boyfriend on Aug. 21, which was a meme using the racial slang term to tease about her dating him. Due to the fact that he was younger than her, the lawyer claims the post was made as a joke about her dating younger men and that it has nothing to do with race.

Her lawyer claims her termination wasn't really about the post and that she was fired because she complained about a hostile work environment. She claims that Vargas was subject to repeated discriminatory practices from her supervisors, which ranged from inappropriate comments about her breasts and her appearance on "Live PD" against her will because of her looks.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Robert Chody told the Statesman her lawyer was "misinformed."

For the full Statesman report, click here.

Vargas' firing comes after a number of controversies at Williamson County, including the recent resignation of Commander Steve Deaton following criticisms over his controversial Facebook posts that made jokes about date rape, kidnapping, and the mutilation of a black football player.


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