The Fayette County Sheriff's Office collected 26 pounds of marijuana and methamphetamines, following two drug arrests Wednesday.

The Sheriff's Office said they stopped Kyle Lauterbach, 26, or Kyle, Texas, on IH-10 for an expired registration Jan. 17.

Deputies said they smelled marijuana emitting from the vehicle while they spoke with Lauterbach. Deputies said they found a duffle bag with 26 pounds of marijuana inside his car after a search. Lauterbach was charged with possession of marijuana.

Later in the day, another man, identified as Michael Nichilo, 38, of Round Top, Texas, was confronted by police while sitting parked in a lot near the Stone Cellar in Round Top. Deputies said Nichilo's vehicle appeared suspicious.

While Nichilo spoke with law enforcement, deputies said they noticed marijuana in his vehicle in plain sight. After a search of the vehicle, deputies said they also found methamphetamines.

Lauterbach was charged with possession of marijuana and Nichilo was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Bonds for both men are set at $10,000.