A man has been accused of sex trafficking a girl after police said they arranged a fake sex deal and found her in a motel room.

On Feb. 18, the Austin Police Department were dispatched to an apartment residence in an effort to recover a runaway girl.

When police arrived, they allegedly found a different runaway girl in a back bedroom and found a man hiding in a closet.


Why Austin's child sex traffickers aren't getting jail time

Upon further investigation, the victim stated that she and the other victim police were originally looking for had run away together. She was concerned that the other victim was being prostituted by a man known to her as "Nephew," police said.

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim told police that the suspect, identified by police as as Keron Woods-Henderson, 23, took "sexy" pictures of the two girls and posted them online for the purpose of commercial sex.

The victim said that Woods-Henderson allegedly arranged for her to have sex with a man for $200 but she refused so he dropped her off at the apartment and went back to an unknown hotel.

Police said they then discovered that advertisement, along with pictures of one of the victims, on a website used to solicit money for commercial sex. Police called the number associated with the ad to arrange a fake sex deal.

Police said Woods-Henderson arranged to meet at the Studio 6 Motel located at 6603 North Interstate 35 in Austin. Police arrived at the location and said Woods-Henderson was found leaving a hotel room and getting into his car to wait.

When police got into the hotel room, they reported they found the victim, countless condoms that were used and unused, narcotics and supplies used to distribute to the victims, and a journal that had numbers listed used to keep track of money owed for commercial sex, according to the affidavit.

When police interviewed Woods-Henderson, he allegedly stated that it was the victim's idea to be solicited for sex and that the two stayed together in the motel.

Woods-Henderson was arrested and charged with trafficking of a persons and his bond is set at $70,000. According to online records, Woods-Henderson is in police custody.