SAN MARCOS, Texas — New information has come in regarding the vehicle in a hit-and-run that occurred in San Marcos on Feb. 9.

Police stated they have narrowed their search down to two possible vehicles, after they reviewed multiple videos provided by businesses in downtown and along the route the suspect used to flee.

According to investigators, the suspected vehicle was either a maroon colored 2015-2019 GMC Yukon, or a maroon colored 2015-2018 Chevrolet Tahoe.

A 54-year-old father of two is recovering from surgery in a Hays County intensive care unit after the driver hit him and his daughter and then took off.

According to San Marcos police, Pedro "Pete" Ybarra and his daughter, Larissa, were crossing the intersection of East Hutchison Street and North LBJ Drive shortly before 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

"My aunt and uncle [were] almost at the end of the crosswalk, and my dad and I were behind them, kind of in the middle," Larissa told KVUE.

Then, she heard a car.

"We turned, looked to see, 'cause it sounded so loud," she said. "We saw that it was coming toward us and it wasn't slowing down, and so we waived at it to stop and we were yelling." 

But the driver kept going.

"Then, the next thing, my dad grabbed me, and threw our bodies to the side. But when he threw us, he was the one that was hit," Larissa said.

Pete suffered severe head injuries and may have permanent brain damage, according to Cdr. Kelly Bombersbach. 

"Just like any father, he tried to protect his child and, unfortunately, bore the brunt of the injuries," Bombersbach said.

Larissa said she got some scratches and bruises on her legs, but she's more concerned about her father, who risked his life to save hers.

She wants the driver who did this to do the right thing.

"I really wish they would've stopped, that they realized what happened. Just come forward about it," she said. "They can't take back what happened now, but they can change what's going to happen at least by coming forward."

Pete remained in the ICU at Seton Medical Center Hays Feb. 11. He had surgery earlier in the afternoon.

Larissa told KVUE she and her father were in downtown San Marcos Saturday night because her aunt and uncle were going to help her set up an interview for a job. They were walking back to their car when it happened. Pete had just celebrated his birthday the day before.

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Witnesses describe a maroon colored 2007-2010 model Chevrolet Tahoe with possible damage to the driver side bumper fleeing the scene. Witnesses were unable to record a license plate. 

San Marcos Police Department
San Marcos Police Department

The path of travel of the driver was north on LBJ Drive, west on Hutchison Street, south on Guadalupe Street, and then west on Hopkins Street. 

The San Marcos Police Department is requesting any information or witnesses to the incident, specifically any businesses with video of the offender’s vehicle, body shops who completed repairs on matching vehicles for collision-related damages, or any person with information about the suspect, to contact them immediately.