ROUND ROCK, Texas — Love was not in the air when two burglars broke into an ice cream shop and stole a heart cake just 10 days after Valentine's Day.

The burglary that was all caught on video shows what appears to be two men in dark hoodies picking up the heart-shaped cake and examining it after breaking in. It all happened at MaggieMoo's on Feb. 25.

"We normally don't do such a cake, but my wife decided to do one just for Valentine's," Armando Valim, the owner, told KVUE."Now we're afraid. My wife does not – she couldn't sleep. She literally was looking at the cameras every five minutes."

VIDEO: Burglars steal heart cake from Round Rock ice cream shop

The heart-shaped cake wasn't the only thing the burglars stole. They also reportedly took cash and a Diet Coke, while damaging many things in the store. Video shows one of the suspects appearing to break into the shop's cash register.

"I didn't think it would happen to us. Round Rock is safe," Valim said. "They actually crawl out to escape the motion sensors – and then they split. One went to the front for the cashier and the dropbox, and one went to the back for the safe."

VIDEO: Burglar breaks into register at Round Rock ice cream shop

The owner is now on the hunt to find the two responsible. If you recognize them, give Round Rock police a call.

According to police, at least four burglaries occurred before 5 a.m. Tuesday at the La Frontera shopping area. Police said three other businesses were also broken into and were missing money.

Fire Bowl Cafe was one of those businesses. The owner, Gigi Lee, said she has owned the restaurant for more than two decades. 

"I feel very violated and feel very scared for the staff that we have here," Lee said. "We invest our money, our time, to develop this business and to provide work." 

The police department is asking nearby businesses to check their surveillance video and reporting anything suspicious.

Earlier this month, four other Round Rock businesses were burglarized in the early morning hours. 

Round Rock police are looking into whether any or all of the incidents are connected. 

VIDEO: Burglars break into Round Rock ice cream shop


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