AUSTIN, Texas — A man has been charged after police said he attacked two officers who tried to arrest him for trespassing into the Jester Dormitory on the University of Texas campus.

Police said that on April 5, a 26-year-old man identified as Adam Miller caused a disturbance in the dining facility at the Jester building before aggressively panhandling through the dorm. 

When a police officer arrived, he asked Miller to tell him his name. To this, Miller allegedly said, "(Expletive) you," before he began "rapidly walking away from" the officer.


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As the officer tried to handcuff Miller, police said he contorted his body and, at some point, grabbed the officer's finger and twisted it backward. A second officer helped get him handcuffed.

While Miller was being put in the patrol car, he allegedly began kicking at the officers, striking one in his stomach. The officer said after Miller was taken to the Travis County Jail, the officer had trouble breathing and had pain in his abdomen.

Miller faces several charges, including assaulting an officer, a second-degree felony.


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