AUSTIN -- An Oklahoma man was arrested on Sixth Street early Sunday morning after police said he fired a weapon as a "warning," reportedly striking a woman and giving her minor injuries.

Court documents state police were at the corner of Sixth and San Jacinto streets around 2:11 a.m. when they heard what sounded like a gunshot. An officer reported seeing people running, withdrew their firearm and proceeded to the location, where they found a Hispanic male yelling about the shooter.

Police said the witness reported that the suspect was a black male who was wearing a sleeveless blue jean jacket and a blue-and-white checkered shirt. He also reported the man went east carrying a black gun that "looked like a glock." He said his cousin, who he reported had already left, was in an argument with someone when the suspect allegedly displayed the weapon and fired at the ground.


Soon after, police said an officer spotted someone matching the suspect's description walking near the Thirsty Nickel on Sixth Street and he was detained. Police said the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Keshawn Haley, was found to be in possession of a black Smith & Wesson M&P Shield handgun and marijuana.

According to police, Haley stated that he did not have a license to carry. He reported that there were five people with him that night and that there was "about 30 Mexicans trying to jump him." Police reported that Haley advised he was a member of "The Neighborhood" gang from Oklahoma City and that he believed they recognized him because he was wearing a blue bandana. Haley then said he fired a warning shot into the air and then walked away from them, the documents state.

While on scene, police said they learned that a woman was present during the shooting and was struck. Documents state the woman heard the gunshot and then felt pain in her lower right abdomen area below her waistline, where she saw blood coming from a round circle. Police said EMS arrived to treat her on scene and it was determined the bullet did not enter her body.

Police were later able to obtain surveillance footage, where they said one of the males in the suspect's group can be seen getting into a verbal altercation with a male from another group, which later leads to a physical fight between two males from both sides. Police said the suspect can later be seen producing a weapon and discharging it in a forward-facing motion and not directly in the air, then running away.

Haley was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony, and unlawful carrying of a weapon, a Class A misdemeanor.