A former temporary employee at Stony Point High School was arrested Wednesday on allegations he was inappropriately involved with students.

Round Rock ISD spokesman Corey Ryan said the employee -- identified in an arrest affidavit as Tyrell Vanwinkle -- was not a teacher, but rather a temporary worker for the Speech, Drama and Debate program at Stony Point. Ryan added he only worked after hours.

Vanwinkle was removed from the school when the district was notified of “suspicious conduct” and fired after an internal investigation. The district added he was arrested May 17 and passed a Texas Department of Public Safety background check before starting work.

According to an affidavit obtained by KVUE, officers began investigating when they received a report of an inappropriate relationship happening between Vanwinkle and three female students.

Two different students told police that they became friends with Vanwinkle before they began exchanging sexually explicit photos through text. When police searched his phone, they found photos of the girls on his phone.

One student told police that she would pick him up from his house and they would drive to Stony Point High School and have oral and vaginal sex in her car in the student parking lot. "She said everything happened when they got back form debate matches late at night," the affidavit said.

During a search of his phone, police found a picture of Vanwinkle and the student allegedly engaging in a sex act. That photo was taken three days before the alleged victim's 17th birthday.

He has been charged with sexual assault of a child and possession of child pornography.

The district sent the following letter to the Stony Point community:

Safety is the top priority of Stony Point High School and Round Rock ISD. Ensuring a safe and secure learning environment requires partnership between students, parents, employees, as well as our public safety partners.

To keep parents informed, Round Rock ISD is sharing the following information about an incident at your student’s campus.

On May 17, the Round Rock Police Department (RRPD) arrested a former temporary worker from the Stony Point Speech, Drama, and Debate program on charges related to alleged inappropriate relationships with students. His service was limited to working with the Speech, Drama, and Debate programs periodically after school hours at Stony Point High School.

Round Rock ISD immediately removed the temporary worker from school upon notification of suspicious conduct and terminated his employment after an internal investigation. Upon identifying the actions as possibly criminal, the District contacted and supported RRPD in their investigation. In accordance with procedure for all employees and professionals working in the RRISD, he passed a background check from Texas Department of Public Safety before starting his work.

As a reminder, RRISD encourages anyone who has information of possible wrongdoing or inappropriate behavior to immediately contact a campus administrator, utilize the RRISD Anonymous Alerts program, or contact law enforcement.

The Anonymous Alerts program allows students or parents to submit safety concerns quickly to school officials for prompt intervention. All messages submitted remain completely anonymous. Please visit roundrockisd.org/anonymousalerts/ for more details.

Members of the Round Rock ISD community can also anonymously report incidents through the following Lighthouse Services phone numbers: 1-800-398-1496 (English) and 1-800-216-1288 (Spanish)."