BEE CAVE, Texas — Editor's note: The attached video is about increasing gun violence in Austin.

According to KVUE's media partners at the Austin American-Statesman, authorities said a couple who formerly lived in Bee Cave, Texas, was killed by the woman's ex-husband on Wednesday in a shootout in Ohio.

Cheryl Sanders, who has appeared as a stunt woman in films like "Ocean's Eleven," and Robert Sanders, her husband, were shot and killed in Greene County, Ohio, the report states.

According to the Statesman, Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer said Robert Sanders approached the ex-husband with a gun outside the man's home. The sheriff said the ex-husband also had a gun and shot and killed Robert Sanders.

Cheryl Sanders reportedly arrived soon after and traded gunfire with the ex-husband until she was also shot and killed.

The sheriff said they are still investigating whether the shooting was a planned ambush, the report states.

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