AUSTIN — Plywood, nails, and missing pieces of glass are all remnants of what happened on the front porch of Anthony House's home.

March 2, 2018, is a day etched in the minds of Roman Lopez and Cedric Benson -- the day a bomb exploded and killed House.

House's 8-year-old daughter was home at the time of the explosion. Police said the package that the Austin bomber placed in front of House's home was the first in a series of bombings throughout the city.

"When it did happen and it was so close to home, this had to be someone who we step in to help," Lopez said.

The help includes restoring the home and erasing painful reminders.

Realtor Roman Lopez teamed up with former UT football player Cedric Benson to make begin the process of restoring the home. A team of workers will begin the restoration this month, which should take three days to complete.

The team plans to fix the landscaping, as well.

"You've got the door, siding, brick is destroyed, ceiling some of the kitchen is damage some of the damage has even gone into the garage," Lopez said.

The House family has already picked out a design for the home and is hoping to move back in once the restoration is complete. The day House's family moves back into the home will be one that everyone involved can't wait to see or experience.

"That's the smiles and the joy we are looking forward to seeing once we are done with this restoration I just imagine everybody will be taken back," Benson said.

The project is expected to begin April 14.