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San Marcos coffee roaster gives back to several charities as part of its business model

Each year, Springtown Roasters adds a new charity to give back to. Now it's up to three and hopes to expand again next year.

SAN MARCOS, Texas — Springtown Roasters started brewing coffee in hopes to share the taste with others.

"I never thought I'd own my own company and this is what I'd be doing, but it's been awesome; it's been really rewarding," said Michelle Bussemey, owner of Springtown. 

For Bussemey and her partner, Tosca Cesaretti, selling cups, grounds and whole beans at the Buda farmers market introduces people to specialty coffee and helps people along the way, by giving back to charities.

"All of our sales," explained Bussemey, "that was something we worked into our business model before we even started."

As owners of a San Marcos company, the first group they wanted to help was the San Marcos River Foundation.

"We want to make an impact on the smaller organizations that really need some help," she said. 

The next year, last year, they added more coffee and charities.

"We have six different coffees that are woman-producer coffees," she explained. "So the co-op that those ones are from, they do everything – growing the coffee, getting it out into the world market, managing their co-op. And that one we donate our proceeds back to the Greater San Marcos Youth Council."

In their third year of business, they added another charity, each year growing in how much they can donate. 

"This year we got even bigger with the Texas Veterans Commission going to all of Texas," she said.

It's a cup of coffee with a cause.

"Mission giving is good, but it's also got to be a good product," said one of their customers.

It's a taste so many of us love that helps others along the way.

"Every year we're going to add a new one," she said. "It's just part of who we are it just feels good to give back."


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