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Meals on Wheels Central Texas looks to protect elderly during hot temperatures

"It is important we honor them, take care of them, that we look out for them. They are so sweet and so grateful."

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin is in under an Excessive Heat Warning until Wednesday night.

Meals on Wheels Central Texas, an organization that hopes to protect the elderly during this heatwave, serves 2,000 clients in Central Texas.

Volunteers like Lynn Kelly want to make sure our vulnerable neighbors are staying safe in these hot temperatures.

"It is very important because heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be terrible," said Kelly.

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Kelly visited four homes on her route. In addition to food, her first client, Lydia Lopez, also got a sheet about ways to stay safe in the heat. The flyer breaks down what heat exhaustion and heat stroke are and provides tips to stay safe.

Lopez said she appreciated it. She has been running her air conditioner to keep cool.

"I am worried about my bill going too high, but there's nothing you can do about it," said Lopez.

Meals on Wheels said there are folks who don't have air conditioning, so the organization has provided them fans. Volunteers also work to transport them to cooling stations at six locations in the Austin area if needed.

Kelly visited another home on Tuesday, speaking with Hilda Garcia and handing out a flyer.

"These are ways to stay hydrated and making sure you are drinking plenty of water," said Kelly.

Garcia said she does.

"I stay inside and stay fresh and cool. Make sure you drink plenty of water, " said Garcia.

Kelly wrapped up her visit to four homes in the area on Tuesday afternoon. She said every day she loves what she does.

"It is important we honor them, take care of them, that we look out for them. They are so sweet and so grateful," she said.

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