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In Other News: Strangers help with veterinary bills after dog injured in house fire

Her brother didn't make it out of the house, but Milagro is now the family's miracle dog.

DEL VALLE, Texas — There are times where we see the best in humanity. So often, it comes after some of the worst things imaginable.

What's left of their home is in trash bags, but you can barely see the scars left behind after a fire three weeks ago.

"Pretty much our house was right here," explained Aurora Hernandez as she walked around the foundation of her former home. "My mom used to cook here, with a kitchen and everything; my dogs would play right here in this small place."

Pictures from before the cleanup tell a better story.

Credit: Aurora Hernandez

Luckily no one was here at the time of the fire, except Hernandez's two dogs.

"I lost my boy, Panomo, and we thought we lost both of our dogs," said Hernandez.

Luckily, Milagro made it through, but had severe burns.

"We thought she didn't survive but she ended up surviving," said Hernadez. "She couldn't even walk because her paws were all burned and everything."


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Hernandez couldn't afford the veterinary bills, so she posted a plea on the app OfferUp.

"That's when this lady, her name was Micky Morrison, she's the one who reached out to me," said Hernandez.

"I needed to help her," said Morrison.

After seeing photos of the dog, she knew she had to help.

"The dog was burned – I'd say 75% of its body was burned," said Morrison. 

She collected several hundred dollars and paid for the vet bill.

She may be a complete stranger, but she doesn't see it that way.

"I feel like we all should be a family. I know that sounds cheesy but I feel like we should all be there for each other," said Morrison.

With the vet bills now paid, the family is focusing on getting their lives back to normal.

"She still wags her tail," said Hernandez.

Their dog also now has a fitting new name.

"People said it was a miracle, so we renamed her Milagro," Hernandez said.

Milagro means miracle in Spanish.

"Pretty much she's just a happy pup, honestly," Hernandez said.

They're still raising money for Milagro. If you would like to donate visit the family's GoFundMe page.


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