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How to support local Austin artists this week

Sari Shyrack is a local Austin artist known for her vibrant use of color and making seemingly mundane items come to life.

AUSTIN, Texas — With Small Business Saturday and Artist Sunday, it's a great week to pour into the local economy and support the talented people living in our community. 

Sari Shryack is a local artist who captures the quirk essence of Austin in each of her paintings. 

Shryack said she was inspired when she first moved to Austin by how colorful the neighborhoods are compared to Missouri and the Midwest. 

Credit: Sari Shyrack, Local Austin Artist

"I would have my baby strapped to me and just walk through neighborhoods in East Austin for hours," said Shryack.

She paints cozy Austin homes and everyday things that might be considered mundane to the common eye, but she finds beauty in those things. 

"Looking through and finding the beauty in the mundane, I feel like that really established itself with my Austin series. My interests have kind of waxed and waned but I've carried that love for color and saturation from that series into all of my different bodies of work," said Shryack.

She said it's important to keep local art alive.

"When you invest in artists who work in and around Austin, you're investing in the future of Austin in a way," Shryack.

Credit: Sari Shyrack, Local Austin Artist

If you're interested in her colorful paintings, visit her website. She said for Cyber Monday she is continuing her 20% off sale.

Here are other ways to find local art:


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