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Dozens of Habitat for Humanity volunteers are building this Austin family a new home in time for the holidays

KVUE's Rob Evans is helping the crew of Habitat for Humanity volunteers build the home for Loana Suazo and her four children.

AUSTIN, Texas — Editor's note: Every Monday in November, we will share an update on the construction process. The newest update will be attached above, but you can find links to previous updates at the bottom of this article.

The dream of homeownership remains a dream for many people in the Austin area. But thanks to Austin Habitat for Humanity and dozens of volunteers, that dream is about to become reality for one woman and her kids who will have a home for the holidays.

Loana Suazo moved to the U.S. when she was eight years old. 

"Actually came to New York," Suazo told KVUE.

After a decade in the Big Apple, the Honduras native moved to the land where everything is bigger: Texas.

"Of course, it was love at the time," she said.

A few decades and four kids later, Suazo found herself as a single mom running out of space, tired of telling her kids to be quiet while playing in their cramped apartment.

"What's it feel like knowing you can do whatever you want to do, whatever you want?" KVUE Daybreak's Rob Evans asked Suazo.

"I'm just excited – and my privacy, my kids being able just to be in the house and not worry about, 'Stop making noise, stop jumping,'" she said.

Suazo is also tired of spending a huge amount of time commuting. 

"I used to drive an hour just to come to work," she said. "And to go back home, because of the traffic, it would take me two hours."

KVUE was present at the wall-raising ceremony for Suazo's new house – and we've been there every week since.

"Oh, I'm already imagining where my living room and my kitchen will be, where I'm going to be standing just looking at the view," Suazo said, admiring the framework of her future home.

WATCH: Home for the Holidays: Behind-the-scenes with Rob Evans

For our "Home for the Holidays" series, KVUE is following not only the stories of Suazo and her family but also all the volunteers who come out each Thursday to build the house – through the sun, rain and heat.

All to help one family realize the American dream: homeownership. Just in time to have a home for the holidays.

The build is scheduled to wrap up the week before Christmas. Each week in November, we'll share an update on the progress. All updates can be viewed below:

Home for the Holidays: Part 1

Home for the Holidays: Part 2 

Home for the Holidays: Part 3

Home for the Holidays: Part 4 

We're making progress on our Habitat for Humanity build. We're in our third month, with one more to go. In this installment, we have a big milestone in the building process.

"We actually just passed our rough inspection," explained site leader Garrett. "They look at the electrical, plumbing, framing to make sure the house is in shape before we put up the insulation and the drywall."

That means we can continue the build. The drywall will be going up in the next few weeks, "which is when it will really start to look like a home," he said.

Until then, we will focus on the outside, finishing up the siding and trim. And this week, Evans was joined by four of the 14 volunteers from Insight Global, who used their service day to make an impact. 

"There are clean-ups on the highway, and that's great," explained volunteer Emily. "But knowing we're directly impacting a woman and her family, that's what we wanted to do."

We always say it, but it's true: no experience is required.

"I couldn't use a nail gun before today," said another volunteer, Peyton. "There were a couple of mistakes, but I got it down now." 

A few hours in, this crew was booking. 

"Honestly, I build houses for a living," laughed Emily.

Prep work for the driveway is complete. Fence posts are being installed. And the miracle of caulk is just beginning. It makes everything better.

And if there are more volunteers out there like this crew, there's no doubt Suazo and her kids will have a home for the holidays.

Volunteers are taking this Thursday off for Thanksgiving, but we've got lots more to do the first week of December. Kitchen cabinets, interior doors and trim. 

To finish Suazo's home, Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers. No experience is necessary. Click here to learn more about volunteering.


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